Steam Engine Design and Mechanism


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An Unabridged Edition With All Illustrations, To Include: STEAM ENGINE DESIGN – Data And Calculations – The Boiler Pressures For Different Types Of Engines – Economical Ratio Of Expansion – Piston Speed – Clearance – Engine Calculations – Back Pressure And Point Of Exhaust Closure – Calculations For Simple Non-Condensing Engine – Calculations For High-Speed Automatic Cut-Off Engine – Hoisting And Locomotive Engines – Cylinders And Steam Chests – Steam Ports And Passages – Engine Shafts And Cranks – Crankpins For Overhung Crank – Hollow Pistons – Built Up Pistons – Solid Pistons – Marine Pistons – Piston Packing – Piston Rod – Connection Of Rod To Piston – Proportions For Connecting Rods (Solid And Open) – Strap-End Connecting Rod – Crossheads – Valves, Valve Steams, And Eccentric Rods – Eccentric Sheaves And Straps – Stuffing Boxes – Engine Flywheels – Calculations For Built – Up Flywheels – Flywheel Rim Joints – Stress In Rim Flange, And In Bolts Fastening Arm To Rim – Engine Frames, Or Beds – Examples Of Engine Proportions With Tables – STEAM ENGINE MECHANISM – Elements Of The Steam Engine – The Four-Link Slider Crank – The Plain Slide-Valve Engine – The D Slide-Valve And Steam Distribution – Relative Position Of Valve And Piston – Effects Of Lap – Lead – Positions Of Eccentric For Opposite Directions Of Rotation – Rocker Arms – Dead Centers – Clearance – Real And Apparent Cut-Off And Ratio Of Expansion – Corliss Valve Gear – Relative Motions Of Piston, Crank, And Valves


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