Railway Signalling And Track Plans

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There are just a few books published which need no real introduction. Mention the word Wisden and every cricket enthusiast will know precisely what is being discussed. Similarly, the antique collector will react instantly to the name Lyle. In railway publishing, there is only one title that has this instant recognition. Mention Baker to anyone with a knowledge of the subject, from railway industry professionals to railway enthusiasts, and immediately they will know what is being referred to. Since it was first published in 1977, Stuart Baker’s Rail Atlas Great Britain and Ireland has established itself as one of the must-have books on the subject of the contemporary railway industry. Now into its 11th edition, several past editions have also been reprinted, the book is undoubtedly one of the best-selling railway titles of all time. The tenth edition of the book was published in 2004 and in the three years since that edition was compiled, much has happened to the railway infrastructure of the British Isles. The final section of the Channel Tunnel rail link, taking Eurostar services into the rebuilt St Pancras station, is due to open at around the time the book is published. Elsewhere, there are exciting developments to record in Scotland with work in progress on the reopening of the line through Alloa and south of Edinburgh, the reinstatement of part of the long-closed Waverley route. In Wales, positive developments to record include the restoration of passenger services to the Ebbw Vale line and in England a number of new stations and facilities, representing a considerable investment by the various branches of the railway industry, are also recorded for the first time. Away from the national network the preservation movement continues to expand, with a number of extensions to existing lines to record as well as a some newly developed schemes. As always, the book covers the current railway network of both Great Britain and the whole of Ireland. In the 30 years since the Rail Atlas Great Britain and Ireland was first published, the book has become an accepted, widely respected and indispensable guide and work of reference for all interested in the railways of the British Isles, railway professionals and enthusiasts alike. This new and fully revised 11th edition is certain to sell as well as previous editions and will be sought by a large number of customers on publication.


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