American Flyer Price & Rarity Guide – 2012 Edition


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If you collect or are thinking of buying or selling American Flyer S gauge trains and accessories, you need this guide.

TM Guides offer more features than any other guide on the market, but their most important ingredient is accuracy. This book contains the most accurate and thorough listing of Gilbert and Lionel American Flyer S Gauge production available.

Included are chapters on engines, rolling stock, accessories, sets, and paper. Also included is Flyer production by Lionel through 2011, Book 2.

Bob Bubeck is an astute observer of the American Flyer S gauge scene and a life-long American Flyer fan. Bob and his fraternity of dedicated American Flyer experts are careful observers of trends, prices at train shows, on eBay, hobby shops and sales between collectors. Andy Jugle has made a critically essential contribution to an enhanced section on train-related Gilbert paper.

This book is the result of painstaking research and educated insight into the current S gauge market.


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